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It is more important to you, on balance, to

On balance, you strive to achieve

When you are deciding on something, do you tend to

You tend to be energised by

When you read something you tend to focus on

You tend to trust

On balance, you prefer to communicate

When giving an assembly or making a presentation, you generally tend to

When you are looking at progress data, do you tend to

You see yourself, on balance, as more

You usually tend to follow

If you were to describe your work desk or your computer's desktop, you would say it was

Generally speaking, you are energised by

For you, on balance, being fair means

When you are looking at information, do you tend to

When you have something tricky to work out, you prefer to

In a difficult discussion in a team meeting, it is more important to you to

You learn new things much better when

Generally speaking, you like to

When you are formulating new ideas in school, do you tend to